Theatre 503



A new team and great work has contributed to Time Out’s recognition of Theatre503 as one of London’s top five new writing theatres. In order to sustain and build on this level of excellence, Theatre503 needs to generate sustainable income. We are still young and have yet to receive public funding; our individual supporters are, therefore, our lifeblood. One of the easiest ways of supporting us is to become a Friend of Theatre503.

Benefits include:

503 Footlight
£53/year (less than £5/month)

503 Spotlight
£253/year (£21/month)

503 Limelight
£503/year (£42/month)

We are extremely grateful to those generous individuals who have already become Friends of Theatre503. We would love you to help us on the next part of our exciting journey. If you would like to join as a friend or would like to discuss other ways in which you can support 503, please contact the development team at: or drop us a line on 020 7978 7040