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urban scrawl

Throughout 2009, Urban Scrawl is giving audiences an extraordinary journey through the capital: a total of 53 new plays, each inspired by a different stop on the Piccadilly Line, carving their way through the beating heart of the city. A unique online audio drama project which brings together theatreVOICE, Theatre503 and Rose Bruford College plus 53 writers and umpteen actors.

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The title of this dedicated strand of drama – Urban Scrawl – reflects its intent. It was begun in a spirit of experimental inquiry: What kind of radio drama is it possible to produce that reflects urban life – specifically in London and the South East – today? Is there an audience for high-quality audio material that does not owe its existence to the usual broadcast channels, most obviously the BBC?

Is it possible for a university sector institution offering degree courses in theatre training to work in partnership with a dynamic unfunded fringe venue, alongside a part-sponsored website? What happens when you let the collective imaginations of dozens of playwrights run riot along a well-known transport route, in this case the Piccadilly Line?

Urban Scrawl has been written about on the Guardian blog.

The Time Out, London tie-in writers competition is also online.

Plus, this Summer, Theatre503 will be bringing a selection of these diverse and delicious dramas out of the dark and into the bright lights of the Latitude Festival.